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We depend on your support but don't want you to neglect publishers. The only way to get more English licensed manga is to buy the manga that's already licensed. Please buy when you can and come back to read more. Most people don't have the space to keep hundreds of manga and want to know what they're getting before buying a book, so that's why we're here. We have listed some of the major English publishers and places where you can buy manga to help direct you. There are some manga that are available in cheaper digital versions. This is a good option if you want to buy manga but lack space and money.

English Publishers

There are more publishers besides these, but these are some of the biggest publishers that are currently active.

Viz Media

Apart from their regular manga publications, Viz also makes a digital English version of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump and licenses anime. They had more magazines, but they are no longer in publication. You can also buy directly from their website.

Yen Press

Yen Press has a varied list of publications. Apart from Japanese manga, they also publish Korean manhwa, other international content, and their own original series. They had their own magazine called Yen Plus, but it is no longer in publication.

Kodansha Comics USA

Kodansha Comics USA is the American subsidiary of the Japanese publisher Kodansha. You can't buy through their website, but selecting a book directs you to where you can buy it from.

Digital Manga Publishing

Despite the name, many of the titles by Digital Manga Publishing are available as print versions or available as either digital or print. They have subdivisions that are listed on their site. A couple subdivisions direct you to where you can buy the books, and e-book versions can be bought directly through eManga. Their content is largely R18.

Places You Can Buy Manga

Publishers usually don't include the ability to buy directly from their websites, so here are some places you can go to buy their books.


Amazon has the largest collection of manga you can find. They also have Kindle editions for some manga. You will most likely be able to find every English manga on Amazon, although some may have risen in price.

Amazon Japan

If you know Japanese, want a fun way to help learn it, or simply want to support authors, you can buy original Japanese manga from Amazon Japan. There are countless manga that aren't translated, and this is where you can buy them. For some series, you can buy a bundle with all current volumes that is cheaper overall, especially because it adds shipping for only one item instead of each book.

Right Stuf

Along with Amazon, Right Stuf is a great place to buy English manga. They occasionally have sales and it's often possible to get books cheaper than buying them through Amazon. The downside is that they eventually run out of copies so there are some manga they don't have.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble offers another choice for buying manga. They have a substantial collection and several titles also offer Nook versions. A positive note is that some of the manga they sell is available in-store.