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What is Manga

Manga are Japanese comics and they are made in a much wider variety than American comics. Manga can be for any age group, although most of it is for teens through twenties, and the stories can be any genre. There is manga specifically for girls, specifically for boys, only for adults, and genres including romance, fantasy, school life, mystery, comedy, supernatural, drama, action, adventure, sports, slice of life, and so on. Basically, there is no limit to the type of stories that manga can be. They can be viewed as novels told largely through pictures. In comparison to American comics, manga generally have less words and more emphasis on the drawings. There is also a much wider variety of art styles. Apart from rare exceptions, manga is drawn in all black and white with color only used on covers.

Manga is part of Japan's culture and over time has been brought to other countries through translations, although it is nowhere near as widely known and appreciated as in Japan. Manga in Japan is serialized in manga magazines that contain hundreds of pages each. Once a story has enough chapters, the chapters are put together into a volume of manga, or tankobon, but not all stories end up being made into tankobons. Manga creators, or mangaka, can also self-publish their work, which is called doujinshi. Doujinshi are often made by amateurs but are also made by professionals.

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