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What is a Manga Cafe

Manga cafes started in Japan as a place to read manga and pay for the time spent. They also include internet access, food and drinks, and other services depending on the cafe.

Who We Are

We offer manga lovers a full manga library to read through. This is virtually non-existent outside of Japan. Our manga cafe allows you to read through a selection of thousands of manga in print in both English and Japanese. We also offer digital manga on our computers. We have food and drinks readily available and offer small private rooms for more comfort.

On This Site

On this site, you'll find our business information, including our location, everything we offer and the costs, information on our raffles, and our contact. You'll also find some general information about manga, new English licenses and releases, popular manga, the differences between scanlations and published manga, and where you can buy manga.

Newly Licensed


Karneval cover

New from Yen Press. First volume will be released in March.
Nai–a young man who travels in search of another by the name of Karoku, a lone bracelet his only lead.
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Popular Now

Attack on Titan Prequel Spinoffs: Before the Fall and No Regrets

Attack on Titan: No Regrets

Before the Fall follows Anheru, a member of the Survey Corps who works in weapons development.
No Regrets focuses on Captain Levi's past, including his first encounter with Commander Erwin and how he entered the Survey Corps.
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Newest Magazine Raffle

GFantasy December 2014 magazine cover - Black Butler

GFantasy December 2014 Issue

Our newest magazine raffle will be the December issue of GFantasy with a Black Butler cover. It will be leaving our shelves at the end of January. Check it out while it's here and enter the raffle if you want it for yourself.

There are always magazines that need to make way for new issues, so check back for announcements on new raffles.
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