Mainichi Manga - Amenities

Sebastian holding a tray.

What We Offer and Costs

As a manga cafe, we try to have the biggest manga selection we can provide. Our collection of manga includes most of the English titles there are and numerous manga in Japanese. Manga is sorted by category and all titles rated 18 and up are clearly sectioned off and labeled. We also offer digital manga on our computers and several current issues of manga magazines, which are all Japanese. To fulfill the cafe aspect of a manga cafe, we have a selection of food and drinks so you can stay and read for hours without being food deprived. And if you want to read in more peace and privacy, we have small rooms that each have a computer and seating for three. No, we don't have Sebastian. Sadly.

Cost to Stay
First Hour $4.00
Every Hour After $2.50
Private Room
One-Time Cost $10.00
Water Free!
Tea $2.00
Juice $3.00
Soda $2.00
Fruit Smoothie $5.00
Pocky $2.00 Red Bean Bun $3.00
Rice Crackers $2.00 Sandwich $5.50
Bagel $2.50 Ramen Noodles $3.00
Muffin $3.00 Yakisoba Pan $4.00
Pastries $4.00